Third Party Logistics

Primero is an expert in one-stop supply chain management. From monitoring the quality and packaging of your cargo pre-shipment to picking up order from warehouse, from loading your cargo on board to final delivery to your receiver at destination, our principle is to simplify the procedure, achieve your target at high efficiency as well as maximum lower the cost.

Comprehensive network

Company’s headquarter is in China, our comprehensive network and local advanced facilities move forward your cargo and bring you the best solution both by ground transportation (including truck & rail) and also feeder operation.

Inland haulage

Primero ground transportation is the quickest way to get your cargo to/from the port.

South China trucking chart

(Click here to review the places of South China where our trucking service covers as an example, for other parts of China please send inquiry to us)

Feeder & Rail

When your cargo is close to the river port, you can consider using feeder especially when the feeder cost is lower than ground transport.

South China network              North China network

Guangzhou to Chiwan                             Shangdong to Qingdao/Dalian

Foshan to Chiwan                                    Liaoning/Heilongjiang to Dalian

Shunde to Chiwan                                    Henan/Shanxi net work

Jiangmen to Chiwan

Zhongshan to Chiwan

Zhuhai to Chiwan                  Central China network

Yangjiang to Chiwan                              Jiangsu to Shanghai

Zhanjiang to Chiwan                              Anhui to Shanghai

Shantou to Chiwan                                 Zhejiang(Taizhou/Wenzhou) to Ningbo/Shanghai

Hainan to Shenzhen                               Hubei to Shanghai

Guizhou to Shenzhen                             Jiangxi to Shanghai

Yunnan to Shenzhen                              Hunan to Shanghai

Guangxi to Shenzhen                             Sichuan net work

Xiamen to Hongkong

Fuzhou to Xiamen

Fuqing to Xiamen

Quanzhou to Xiamen

Zhangzhou to Xiamen


No matter it is FCL or LCL, we grant your cargo with high security in our warehouse, optimize your cargo layout to let space well organized before being loaded effectively.

Guangzhou warehouse

Chiwan warehouse

Yantian warehouse

Custom Clearance

Primero Custom Clearance is all about standardized and proactive. We inform our clients well prepare what document and data to be claimed according to custom rules. We alert our clients in advance if custom formality changes. With the help of expertise of our local staff, you are easier to make up decision, reduce lead time, lower the risk and prevent cash flow wasting.

Click here to view the recent Shekou Custom notice regarding new rules for shipper to declare goods

Correlative Documents Service

For your correlative trading documents on top of B/L, Primero understands how important the accuracy and preparation lead time are. We know the necessity of what documents your country requests either per general custom clearance regulation or per your specific requirement stipulated by L/C. We might help you to handle below:

  1. Packing List
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Certificates of origin
  4. Embassy Stamp or other authorization certificate
  5. Fumigation certificate